Thursday, March 13, 2008

Try to remember a kind of September

E un "La revedere!" in engleza. Niste ganduri in legatura cu inceputul sfarsitului unei etape a vietii; etapa in care am trait multe, in care s-a pus temelia a ceea ce urmeaza.


Try to remember a kind of September …

It’s been a long time since I have made my first step to another world. I have to admit that I was a little scared, but everything seemed to be alright. And so it was.

Over the past few years I’ve changed a lot, I feel more mature and more prepared for what lies ahead.

Try to remember the kind of September
when life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
when grass was green and grain was yellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
when you were a tender and callow fellow,
Try to remember and if you remember the follow.

This year is the beginning of an end, it’s the year when we take an important decision about our lives, it’s the year when our future it’s established. Sometimes makes me cry the thought that all this years will be in a few months just a memory, but a memory that will be in my mind until my last day.

I still hear the song you learned us four years ago; I still remember the blue lights that were hanged on top of the blackboard before Christmas. I still remember the carols we used to sing every hour, and that tape recorder that we gave you as a present with our signatures affixed on it. You were one of the teachers that will always remain in our minds, and we’ve told you so many times that we really love you, Mrs. Anica!

I can assure you that I will miss the English lessons when you were telling us stories and teaching us important things about life, when we were listening carols and songs … and when we were supposed to sing them there was only a fade sound because we wanted to sing but haven’t got enough courage. This memory makes me laugh every time I think about it.

I will never forget the day when we went to the theatre with “Oliver’s diary” and we won that prize. That day was really special, you are a great director! I was never afraid to tell you exactly what I think because I know you will understand me. You’ve watched us grow up, and I can’t believe how different we are now than how we were four years ago.

2007 was probably the most important year in my life, and probably the most awesome, because I lived special moments which changed me positively. After all this years I feel more mature and more experienced. In 2008 I have great plans and I will do everything to make my dreams come true because I’m convinced that nothing is impossible. That’s what you told me a few years ago when I was upset, I don’t remember why, but you told me that “nothing is impossible” and you made me be more optimistic.

Do you remember when you told us to make a wish on 31st January, because it will definitely come true? I did and now I’m waiting… I am sure that it will happen.

In the end I just want to thank you for everything, for all the years you were next to us and I hope that we will be a pleasant memory in your mind. Don’t forget about the kids that were always “Good-bye, teachers!” and the kids that said about you that your are always wearing jelly necklace…

Time is unstoppable, but memories can’t loose themselves, because you will always remember “a kind of September” when we met for the first time…

Deep in December it's nice to remember
although you know the snow will follow…

Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow…

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